How to Deal With a Newborn Baby's Cold

    Newborn baby cold thermometer

    While it is always hoped that the newborn baby will not ever get sick, this is rarely reality. Newborn babies are susceptible to colds and other illnesses because their immune system is not yet fully developed. They often rely upon their mother’s milk for the immune support, and some mothers simply do not have it or choose to bottle feed. Unfortunately, even the healthiest mother who breast feeds may not be able to prevent the newborn baby from catching a cold.

    A newborn baby’s cold can be a stressful and upsetting time for both the parents and the baby. No one ever likes to have a sick child, and a sick newborn is often even worse. The parents are still new and excited over having the newborn baby and therefore are often prone to over-reacting to the baby’s condition. The newborn is also new and he or she knows that they cannot breathe as well as before and are more upset than normal. All of this stress can cause one to lose control of the situation, making no one feel better and possibility getting the parents sick as well which can cause a loop of illness.

    The most important thing to do if a newborn gets sick is to see a doctor. Even if you are certain that the baby has a cold, it is important to have it checked out by the doctor as it could, although is unlikely to be, something worse. The doctor can also prescribe medication to deal with the congestion that the baby feels and help with any fever that the baby may be displaying. Any suggestions given by the doctor should be followed and a follow up visit should be conducted to ensure that the baby is indeed getting over the cold.

    Once the doctor visit is complete, any medication that the doctor suggested should be picked up. Realization that it is just a cold, and not a life threatening condition can often calm most parents down to keep their immune systems functional. Treatment should begin as soon as possible and any medications given should have their directions followed exactly. Not following the directions and giving too low of a dose can cause the medication not to work. Not following the directions and giving too large of a dose can make the baby sicker and could kill the baby. 

    Just as it is important to provide plenty of food and water to an adult who is suffering from a cold, it is equally important for a newborn suffering from a cold. In addition to food and water, warm clothing and a warm blanket can help to prevent the baby from getting sicker. Keeping the baby’s nose clear of mucus can be a never ending task and the nose should be wiped frequently. By wiping the nose, you can prevent mucus from getting onto the lips and mouth of the baby, re-infecting him or her and can also limit the irritation of the tender facial skin from excessive moister.