Your newborn doesn’t move much yet, but before you know it, they’re be crawling and scooting everywhere. To help your infant get a head start on these activities and to help them improve gross motor skills, try a few simply baby exercises that will:

  • Allow you to give you child your undivided attention
  • Help them gain better control over their muscles
  • Develop a love of movement and activity

There are a few different exercises that are suitable for newborns one to six months old. They are simple to do, and they don’t take much time. At this point in their life, your child isn’t ready for a vigorous routine, but they are the perfect age for small muscle movements that will prepare them to explore their environment.  

The Grip
To employ the Grip, simply lay your baby on the ground on a blanket and wrap your child’s hands around your forefinger while gripping the back of their hands with your thumbs. Then, gently lift your child’s arms into the air. During this move, you shouldn’t lift your child off the ground. When you have raised their arms, gently lower them back down and repeat the motion five more times.

The Chest Cross
Another simply exercise is called the Chest Cross. It uses the Grip motion from the last exercise. To start, spread your child’s arms out to the side and then bring them up and cross them over their chest before uncrossing them and lowering them back to their sides.  Also repeat this motion five more times.

The Bicycle
Most parents probably know this one, it’s also a common form of play for older children, but can also be used for an exercise for babies aged three to four months. To begin, lay your child on their backs and gently hold their feet. Then slowly push one leg up towards their chest and extend the other. Then alternate the movements and repeat the exercise once more. After this, let your baby freely kick their legs for a while.

The Pull-Up
This exercise is also done lying down on your back. It’s similar to the Grip, but instead of holding your child’s hands, hold their forearms to help keep their back straight. Next, gently pull them into a sitting position before lowering them back down.  

To help these exercises become more familiar for your child, you can do several different things. Besides dressing them in comfortable clothing you can:

  • Exercise in the same place everyday
  • Exercise around the same time everyday
  • Turn on pleasant music during the workout
  • Exercise during the day where your child can see you

All of these tips will help you child become more comfortable with the movements and teach them to associate exercise with positive emotions. Most importantly, these exercises will help keep your baby healthy and happy and it also serves as an excellent bonding time.

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