While cell phones are a major part of our daily lives, they really haven’t been around that long. Most of us only started carrying them around constantly in the early 2000’s, which means they have only been a daily habit for twelve years or so. Of course, there were the early adopters, but now we all use them. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, your cell phone is probably sitting right next to you as you read this. When you think of it that way, it’s easy to understand why their side effects are largely unknown. Some research has linked the radio waves to brain cancer, but no hard evidence has been accepted in the scientific community. However, a recent study from Yale regarding cell phone use during pregnancy could change our habits.

The scientists behind the study admit that further research is required to accept the results as fact, but the results showed a link between cell phone use during pregnancy and children born with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These results are especially believable considering the sheer volume of children with the disorder lately. It’s a hot topic, as many parents are giving their young children prescriptions for a condition that was only discovered recently. On the other hand, perhaps women who talk on their cell more during pregnancy are simply more prone to passing on a hyperactive gene.  It’s really tough to say at this point.

The study’s results require more research because it’s difficult to measure how much exposure a human would really get in utero. If you are pregnant, you’re obviously not holding the cell phone up to your baby bump every day. However, the fetus might still be within the reach of the dangerous radio waves that could cause ADHD. Additionally, you might be in the habit of resting your cell phone on your belly as you text your loved ones or play Words with Friends.

It would be silly to stop using your cell phone for nine months because it is probably your main line of communication. However, you should heed the advice of this study and limit your baby’s exposure to the cell phone waves while he or she is in utero. Avoid resting the phone near your stomach. You could even consider keeping your phone in a chest pocket or in a bag that does not rest on your body. Even when the phone is not in use, it is still receiving and transmitting radio waves that, according to the study by Yale, could cause ADHD in your developing child’s brain.

Source: Cell Phone Use In Pregnancy May Cause Behavioral Disorders In Offspring. Scientific Reports Volume 2 Issue 312 March 2012