While I was contemplating what to do about the costs of the IVF meds and whether I should do the procedure in December or wait another month till the stress of the holidays were over, I got a private Facebook message from a friend. This is the same friend I mentioned before who is currently pregnant with IVF twins. She said she'd been thinking about me and what I'm going through and offered her ear for me to bend if I needed it. She said she wished she'd had someone to talk to who had "been there" when she was going through IVF and was happy to be that person for me. I was really touched to get her message. It's really thoughtful of her, especially since we haven't actually seen each other in person since we were 15, though we were close childhood friends for years before that.

I told her about the huge number of medications and the cost and how it was a little overwhelming. She agreed, and said it was for her as well. She kind of freaked out when all of her medications came and she realized they would all be going into her at some point. Unlike me, she'd never given herself an injection before and she's afraid of needles, so that was a hard part for her.

She also said that while the reproductive doctors do agree that it's best for older women to have more embryos transferred to have the best chance of one implanting, I should also not have any more transferred than I am actually willing to give birth to. I do know there's a possibility that every embryo will take and become a baby. I'll have a good number transferred, but I won't go crazy. Quadruplets, I could handle. However, the idea of being the next Octomom does not appeal to me so much.

My friend also said when it was all said and done, the IVF was the easy part. Pregnancy has been much harder on her. She's been incredibly sick and miserable so far. So, she said to relax and enjoy the process of getting pregnant, and she looked forward to hearing that I'm expecting. I'm looking forward to telling her that news, too. Whether I do it now or wait a month, I'll be a mommy-to-be soon.