There are countless questions and discussions about men being addicted to or in love with breast milk. Behind the discussions are women wondering if sharing breast milk with hubby is the best idea. Breast milk is naturally produced by the female body to provide 100% of the nutrition baby needs for the first year or life or longer, if necessary. There is no limit, in a normal situation, to the amount of breast milk women can produce, so having enough is not a problem, but is breast milk safe for him?

Passing Immunity on to HubbyMilkBreast milk carries the immunity of mom to baby, but that same immunity booster is passed on to hubby when drinking breast milk. Though his immune system is already mature, there are many reports of improved immunity associated with partner breast milk consumption. 

You Won’t Run Out of Milk
Milk production is associated with need and suckling pattern. The more milk your partner drinks the more milk you’ll produce. This could become a problem if hubby suddenly decides he doesn’t want anymore breast milk because you’ll have this overabundance of milk and baby won’t need that much milk. The let down could be a little painful for a few days, but eventually milk production will ease off a bit. 

Risks Versus Rewards
Though there is no reason why he cannot safely drink mom’s breast milk, mom needs to ensure the safety of the breast milk for baby. Herpes and thrush are two conditions that can be passed from hubby to the breast and from the breast to baby. There is a good chance if he’s suffering either of these conditions that all three of you will eventually be infected. 

There is nothing wrong or disgusting about your partner drinking breast milk. There are thousands of people sharing breastfeeding experiences every day and many have to do with a spouse or partner consuming breast milk. The stories range from commonplace to intimate and in most cases breast milk is completely safe – and some claim natural – to share.