It is always funny how women who know they are having just one baby ask questions about being pregnant with twins. Most of the time they are secretly afraid there is another baby in there hiding out behind the singlet, but that is rarely the case. One of the most interesting questions being asked is about kicking and fetal movement. One pregnant woman, who happened to be just 10 weeks pregnant with twins, asked if one can feel both babies move in utero. 

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Movement and twins

Yes, you can feel both fetuses move when you’re pregnant with twins. You can even figure out which twin is moving once the pregnancy reaches the point where movement around the uterus is nearly impossible. If both twins are head down so one has to deal with four legs pounding in the same spots all the time because once they turned head down there was no moving them around. 

The gift of twin growth and uterine stretch

The uterus will only stretch so far. Some doctors believe it is the unexpected pressure placed on the uterus that causes many women pregnant with twins to go into labor early, but that is another topic. In terms of fetal movement, the lack of space in the uterus is a godsend toward the end of the pregnancy. You see, the fetuses run out of room to move earlier because there are two babies in there instead of just one. That meant the kicking frequency slows down around then 30th week, but when they did store up that energy it felt like they were kicking the stomach up into the throat. 

No two pregnancies are the same – even if it is a twin pregnancy. Some women report feeling the babies move in different directions and with verve and vigor for the entire pregnancy. Some kicks are always in the same general area and they slowed down late in the pregnancy. Others are very different, especially depending on which position the twins are in.  

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