Hollywood seems to be the perfect place to go when you want to ditch your current significant other and hope into another relationship. The epitome of these switcharoo was the Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie romance on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Everyone on earth has watched how that romance played out and the subsequent three children born to the couple.

When 41 year old James Tupper dropped his wife and Anne Heche dropped her husband – the resulting romance between the two had all the makings of the new Jolie – Pitt. Let’s call them Tupper – Heche. At the Hollywood young age of 39, Anne Heche is primed for pregnancy. Just six short years ago, she gave birth to a son with her former husband. The thought of Anne Heche being pregnant with another child is what makes the rag mags drool at the mouth.

Here is a couple coming straight out of recently ended relationships only to hop into another one and sire a child together. The James Tupper / Anne Heche pregnancy will be all over the tabloids and the two will frequent the Jolie-Pitt household (if they could stand all of the commotion.) Anne Heche did not always want to be pregnant or be with a man for that matter.

In 1999, Anne Heche was thinking about being pregnant but not with the help of her then lover, Ellen DeGeneres. The lesbian couple dated for a while and then broke up in a nasty affair with Heche diving into her marriage to the cameraman (which ended with James Tupper) and DeGeneres finding the love of her life in Portia DeRossi. It seems that Anne Heche did choose to get pregnant soon after, but Ellen won the fight for the longest ongoing relationship because she is currently still married to Portia DeRossi while Heche has left her cameraman to be with James Tupper. Have I lost you in the tale yet?

Back to the business at hand. There is very little doubt that Anne Heche and James Tupper are pregnant. The couple announced the pregnancy in December of 2008 and were recently spotted shopping for a little boy. What do Anne Heche and James Tupper buy when they are pregnant? They buy reusable diapers, blankets and booties, just like the rest of us. Well almost like the rest of us. The Happy Heinys Diapers retail for about $20.00 each. That is a lot of money for some ones and twos.

Some in Hollywood are happy Anne Heche and James Tupper are expecting, the life of a celebrity is hard and the struggles of finding someone who loves you for the person you are and not for the money or fame you have has to be difficult. But, where else but Hollywood would the wild and crazy lives, late age pregnancies and multiple births be so fun to watch. Want to know the sex of the baby resulting from the Anne Heche / James Tupper pregnancy? They are happy to announce they are having a baby boy.

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