Jesse Csincsak won the Bachelorette and happily proposed to Deanna Pappas. The couple starting talking about wedding plans and children, but soon the happiness faded and reality set in.

The couple broke things off and life moved on. On the brother show, The Bachelor, Ann Lueders tried to win the heart of Jason Mesnick but was cut before the final decision. (Interestingly, Jason Mesnick was the runner-up on the same Bachelorette series Jesse Csincsak won). So, what happened to Ann Lueders and Jesse Csincsak? The two found each other amongst the Bachelor / Bachelorette turmoil, married and conceived a baby Bachelor.

The couple is 28 years old and waiting patiently for son Noah to appear. Expected in January, Noah will be blessed with plenty of stories of love and reality television. Jesse Csincsak is a professional snowboarder by trade. He has been linked to Holly Durst, also a former contestant on the Bachelor.

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