Jen Schefft, the former star of the show Bachelorette, is letting her food guard down a bit now that she is pregnant with a baby girl. The reality TV star is married to Joe Waterman, who was not the Bachelor on the show. The Bachelor, Andrew Firestone was briefly engaged to Jen Schefft, but the engagement didn’t last far beyond the show’s finale.

Joe Waterman is a relative unknown. He is 35 years old and works in trading. Jen Schefft has left the reality world behind and currently works as a public relations expert.

During a recent interview with US Magazine, Jen Schefft revealed she hates vegetables and could eat pizza every day if she allowed herself to indulge that desire. She also admits to eating two Big Macs and two large fries on occasion. The pregnant celebrity admits it may not be the pregnancy that is causing the cravings.

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