When Beyonce recorded her hit line, “If you like it then you better put a
ring on it” she never imagined she would get much more than just a ring
from hubby Jay-Z. According to sources and US Magazine, the couple is expecting their first child despite Beyonce not being ready for motherhood just yet.

Beyonce and Jay-Z dated for a long time before the couple secretly tied the knot at a ceremony for close friends and family only. Now that the power duo is stuck firmly together, it seems the perfect time to have a baby, but that is not what Beyonce had planned.

Younger sister Solange Knowles got a jump start on big sis when she became a mother six years ago. Solange believes Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z will be great parents even if they were not expecting this “gift from God” the early in the marriage.  This will be the first child for Beyonce Knowles, 29.