The Internet is all a-flutter with rumors that Beyonce is not pregnant. The rumors started when she was filming an interview for an Australian television show. The cameras were rolling when Beyonce walked to her chair and proceeded bend over to sit down. As she bent at the waist, her “baby bump” looked like it folded in half. Slowing down the video makes the fold look even more dramatic.

What's behind the folding baby bump? According to Beyonce's team, the allegations that she is faking her pregnancy to adopt or wait for a surrogate to give birth are ludicrous. The fact still remains, however, that her pregnant tummy folded in half when she sat down. We watched the video over and over again and even looked at still pictures from ABC News and all look like that bump is not really a bump after all. We wonder if Beyonce will be gracing the cover of some magazine soon showing off a naked belly bump to settle the rumors.

One things for certain, we can't get over Jay-Z's reaction at the 2011 MTV Awards. When Beyonce announced her pregnancy it was as if he didn't know she was pregnant.

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