Beyonce pregnant or another celebrity pregnancy scandal

As far back as January of 2008, the scandal market was trying to make a killing over saying the Beyonce was pregnant with Jay Z's baby. The two held a secret wedding in hopes of keeping their new found life together as husband and wife under wraps, but the papers found out about the ordeal and began printing a two for one special. Not only was Beyonce newly married, but she was pregnant with a baby thanks to a few photos shot by a paparazzi camera.

The rumors continued throughout the spring and summer months without the baby bump growing any larger. If there is one thing the media is great for it is spinning a picture out of control and trying to make more out of a situation than is really there. Was Beyonce really pregnant? No one would be able to answer that question aside from Beyonce herself. Pregnancy is not out of the question for the mega pop star, but with the next two years of her busy schedule and life already planned out (according to an online gossip blog) there is really no time to jump into motherhood.

The pressure for Beyonce being pregnant is not all related to Jay Z and her mom, as some have reported. Some of the pressure is coming from the fact that her baby sister already has a little one and there is the feeling that if Solange can be a mom than Beyonce can handle being pregnant too. Despite all of the rumors running around about Beyonce being pregnant, there is no truth to these statements. As a matter of fact, just 6 weeks ago, the Female First blog reported a few quotes by the pop star on whether Beyonce needed or wanted to be pregnant in the near future. Not one of the quotes even resembled a yes. Beyonce claims, when talking about being pregnant, that she is not the type of person who ooos and ahhhs over babies. She is simply not ready to be pregnant at this time, or any time in the near future.

Why Would Beyonce Not Want a Baby? Music, film and success are hard things to push aside in order to start a family. If Beyonce were to get pregnant, she would be risking the prime time of her career to have a child that she admits she is not ready for. With a career spanning from 1997 to present, the pop star has starred in major films, released platinum albums and even sang for the President and First Lady at the Inaugural Ball. Could all that happen if Beyonce were pregnant? There is a huge shroud of doubt. How Will the Future Play Out for Beyonce Regarding Pregnancy? The future is so bright for Beyonce at this time that there are no children in sight.

The "Beyonce is pregnant" scandal will continue - it has lasted this long hasn't it - but there will be no babies in the Beyonce / Jay Z family for at least five years. That prediction comes with the knowledge that there are movies to be made, appearances to hold and more success in the near future for the young star. Beyonce is only 28 and in Hollywood, that is a mere baby and we all know that babies do not need babies.

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