R&B sensation, Brandy, thinks it’s time to add another baby to the family. Brandy has one child with Robert Smith, a former boyfriend.

Sy’rai is now 8 and the relationship with Robert Smith is over and finished. After Robert Smith, Brandy moved on to a star basketball player, Quentin Richardson. That love went all the way to an engagement, but the couple soon broke it off and Brandy is now single.

At the age of 31, having an 8 year old child in Hollywood is uncommon. Most stars don’t start having children until they near the age of 40, but Brandy is not willing to wait any longer for more children. According to an insider, she is desperate for more babies and is actively looking for the love of her life to fulfill that need.

Brandy did not wait for a man to plan the family she wants to have. She has been quoted as saying she wants to have three boys.

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