What Would Happen If Britney Spears was Pregnant Again and Had Another Pregnancy?

There are people in the world who carry babies with ease. They find out they are pregnant and take care of their bodies for nearly 10 months before finally seeing the baby growing inside their womb. In the case of Britney Spears, being pregnant again was the downfall of her emotional state and the end result was a spiral out of control. The result of Britney Spears being pregnant and then pregnant again was the loss of her kids. But, was this all Britney Spears’ fault.

If you count the fact that Britney Spears became pregnant again quickly after her first child – yes there could be some blame to the situation that falls on Britney. But, more of the blame would have to fall on the medical personnel handling her pregnancies and the media. When a superstar like Britney Spears gets pregnant and then pregnant again – there is nothing but constant buzz surrounding the star. After the birth of her first child, Britney Spears confined herself to the walls of her home in hopes of keeping the matter a bit private. Then, Britney Spears is pregnant again and the tornado of emotions started. Spears was not far enough out of the first pregnancy – only a mere 3 months – before she became pregnant again.

By the time the second baby was born, Britney Spears felt as though she could not leave her home and the care she needed was simply not available. The post partum depression raged out of control and today she is being controlled again – but this time by her father. After taking time to recover in a mental ward and in the privacy of the family home – if Britney Spears were to become pregnant again, there would be people around her all the time. These people would now only be there to watch her closely, but there to give her the best advice possible. In mothers who have had children taken by Child Protective Services – there is a watchful eye over the children who are born to the same mothers in the future. Britney Spears being pregnant again would cause a lot of CPS attention.

Where Are the Spears Babies Today?

Today, Kevin Federline, Britney Spears and Jami Spears (the dad) are trying to make a tour visitation schedule happen. According to reports, Britney Spears is planning on paying $4000 a week to her ex husband and put him up in an apartment in order to have her boys on the tour with her. The boys would be set up an one of three checkpoint destinations. In each region, Britney Spears would live with them at the residence and commute to and from the concert dates. If there is not an agreement – Britney Spears will not make the Circus tour happen. It seems that the man who was able to get Britney Spears pregnant and then Britney Spears pregnant again – is holding the cards to the infamous Circus tour with the Pussycat Dolls.

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