The first rumors surrounding Cameron Diaz and her new beau pregnancy surfaced when the couple started planning a wedding.

Ever since Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz broke up, there have been a swarm of celebrities rumors following them both. The relationship was the one that was supposed to put Timberlake / Diaz babies on the earth and when they fell apart, the media was left in a tussle. The weird thing is, after Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears broke up, she went nuts and ended up with two children. Now, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake end their long term relationship and Cameron Diaz is coming out of the doctor's office with beau in tow.

The first rumors surrounding Cameron Diaz and her new beau surfaced when the couple started planning a wedding. Which is another weird fact because Cameron had said she did not want to get married to Justin Timberlake, but now is marrying this new guy. What is wrong with Justin? Back to the point at hand - Cameron Diaz is now planning a wedding with her fiancé and the wedding is going to be a blast with Karl Lagerfeld being brought in to design a one of a kind wedding dress. The couple has already committed to wanting babies, but did the pregnancy happen a bit earlier than they thought it would?

Recently, Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor were seen leaving a doctor's office recently, together. There is speculation that Cameron may be asking Karl Lagerfeld to take out that dress a bit in the coming months or that the wedding will be put on hold until the baby is born. While there is no baby bump to be seen in the photo, it is uncommon for a woman to take a man with her to the doctor's office unless he has something to do with the situation in the first place.

Cameron Diaz is not commonly found on the pages of the media magazines. She has lived a fairly calm life without ever producing the ripples that some celebrities aspire to. Cameron Diaz is 37 years old and holds the title of the most money making actress in Hollywood. She is not the type to be on the screen all the time, however and earns a lot of money doing voice overs for famous animated movies like Shrek. Acting was not her first passion. As a teenager, Cameron Diaz signed with the Elite Model Management company and preceded to live life as a world traveler and runway model. Cameron Diaz has modeled for Levis and Calvin Klein to name a few.

After the modeling came to an end she starred in her first film, The Mask. At the time she was cast in the film, she had never acted before. From there, the sky was the limit and she remains a celebrity known for acting as opposed to being known as the model she once was. Cameron Diaz is one of the many celebrities that have chosen to wait to get pregnant until their career settled down a bit. At the age of 37, she is still young enough to have children and enjoy time watching them grow up!

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