The former winner of the Miss California contest is about to have her first baby with quarterback husband Kyle Boller. Boller plays for the Oakland Raiders.

The couple got hitched in July and is already announcing the pregnancy. The couple had stated they would start trying to have children right away and they weren’t joking. Carrie Prejean is due in May just 10 months or 40 weeks after the wedding in July. Could this be a honeymoon baby?

Carrie Prejean has been complaining of night time sickness, which is just morning sickness at night. She says she is trying to stay as healthy as possible, but is finding it difficult with all of the nausea and vomiting. Carrie is on the borderline between the first trimester and second trimester, which could be causing a few frights and scares in terms of fetal health. Morning sickness is common during the beginning months of pregnancy.

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