After being admitted to the hospital, Celine Dion gave birth to twin boys whom she named Eddy and Nelson.

Eddy is named after Eddy Marnay, the producer for five of Celine Dion's albums. Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela. Celine Dion and husband Rene Angelil met Nelson Mandela at the start of Dion's world tour. According to a representative for the couple, they only spoke for a few moments but they were impressed by the person Mandela is.

There is no mention if Celine Dion will return to singing in the future. We assume at the age of 42 and with the fact that it took implantation of 14 embryos before Celine Dion got pregnant, the couple will not be having any additional children. Celine Dion has more than enough help with the two new bundles of joy. She was seen leaving the hospital with three sisters and her mother.