Charlie and Brooke Sheen: Pregnant and Loving It

To no one’s surprise, Charlie and Brooke Sheen officially announced Brooke’s pregnancy last August (2008). The couple was married in May 2008 and, reportedly, began talking about having babies soon thereafter. In fact, Brooke (formerly Brooke Mueller) was joking at one point that she wanted triplets, according to a story reported in People magazine’s online edition ( Though it wasn’t to be the trifecta, the couple did find out they’d hit the daily double; twin boys are expected in April 2009. Brooke’s pregnancy is proceeding well.

Sheen is 42 and Brooke is 29. In the Movies with Grandpa? Given the Sheen family history, you have to figure that Charlie and Brooke’s new additions will have at least a shot at the bright lights. How about a star turn in the company of their grandfather, Martin? It wouldn’t be the first time the elder Sheen has performed with his progeny: he did it with Charlie in Hot Shots, Part Deux, including a hilarious sendup of his role in Apocalypse Now and Charlie’s in Platoon, in a scene when they passed each other in river patrol boats and shouted simultaneously, “I loved you in Wall Street!” (another film in which they appeared together, playing, you guessed it, father and son). Sheen also appeared with Charlie’s brother Emilio Estevez (in The War at Home and In the Custody of Strangers), as well as with Charlie in No Code of Conduct, two episodes of the TV sitcom Spin City, and one episode of Charlie’s current gig, Two and a Half Men. Will Charlie’s pop make it a three generation family affair? Stay tuned.

One Big Happy Charlie has three daughters by previous relationships: Sam and Lola (ages 5 and 4, with ex wife Denise Richards), and Cassandra, 23, with former girlfriend Paula Profitt. For sure, the boys will arrive in a world filled with feminine attention and influence. What will it be like, having big sisters ranging from 4 to 24 years ahead of you? Could be just one more reason to develop their own special version of twinspeak; most likely, they’ll need it, if they want to keep any secrets from their big sisters.

Hopefully, the twins won’t be bothered by the ongoing, nasty custody disputes surrounding Sam and Lola. Richards, the girls’ mother, is reportedly seeking new arrangements, including greatly restricted visitation rights for Sheen, citing abusive behavior toward her and her staff and his beliefs in a 9/11 conspiracy theory, among other factors.

Sperm Spin City
As they got serious about pregnancy and babies, Sheen and Mueller reportedly did everything possible to tilt the odds in favor of having a boy (or boys, as it turns out). The couple engaged in a fertility process called “sperm spinning,” a complex procedure that separates the X chromosome sperm (which would unite with the mother’s egg to form a female embryo) from the Y chromosome sperm (which would make a boy baby). Apparently, the process increases the odds of conception of the desired gendered child by up to 80%. Though he said early on that he didn’t care so much about the gender as long as the baby was healthy, Charlie, already the father of three daughters, was said by some to be desperate for a boy. Looks like he got his wish, times two!

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