With those pregnancy rumors behind her, Charlize Theron is hoping to put the baby talk behind her.

If there is one thing that Charlize Theron is used to – it is the face of the camera. She has been named to so many beautiful person lists that you can bet she runs around the house with zero makeup and hair all in a tussle just to prove everyone on earth wrong. Can’t you just hear her shouting, “I am not the most beautiful women on earth!”? Recently, no matter how much Charlize Theron hates it, AskMen.com placed her number 26 on the Top 99 Women of 2009. Whether you agree with that position or not, one fan was there to start up a new sort of pregnancy rumor.

In July of 2008, Charlize Theron was photographed with a beautiful white flowing gown on the red carpet of the Hancock movie premiere. When the photograph was developed, the tabloids took it and ran. She was pregnant and there was nothing anyone could say to prove otherwise. In all honesty, Charlize Theron looked to be about four months pregnant in the picture. But, the wind and the camera angle evidently was the father of the baby because there was no little Charlize Theron baby appearing in the future.

With those pregnancy rumors behind her, Charlize Theron is hoping to put the baby talk behind her, right? Well, not if her fans have anything to do with it. On the website for the recent AskMen.com nomination, fans are commenting about the beauty and classy quality of Charlize Theron. One fan however, is trying his hardest to start a new Charlize Theron pregnancy rumor of his own. The fan states, “I would cut off the tip of the condom just to get her pregnant”. Now isn’t that nice to tell one of the most beautiful celebrities on earth?

Charlize Theron, of course, is above such a comment. With long term boyfriend, Stuart Townsend (who has 20 movies plus under his belt), Charlize Theron is bound to find the right time to get pregnant without the help of a celebrity fan. She is currently working on two films. The first titled, The Danish Girl, is about the first person to ever have sex reassignment surgery (she plays the wife of the reassigned). The second is a film called The Tourist with Tom Cruise. Ironically, The Danish Girl also stars Nicole Kidman the ex-wife of Tom Cruise. What a small world Hollywood makes.

The most interesting facts about Charlize Theron have nothing to do with being pregnant at all. She is originally from Africa and speaks Africaans as her first language. Here in the United States, fans are honored to hear her speak English as a second language. Another interesting fact about Charlize Theron is the untimely death of her father, at the hand of her mother. The killing was considered self defense and the police did not charge Theron’s mother. While most fans pronounce the name Theron as (th air un) the correct pronunciation is (tronn) or (thrown).

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