Pregnancy, and the Pop Life Note to self: never try simultaneously keeping a pregnancy on the DL and having Paris Hilton as your friend. Just ask Christina Aguilera, whose pregnancy, just one month in duration at that time, was outed to the world by Paris when she took the mike at a Las Vegas party in early September 2007. “To the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world,” Hilton reportedly said, referring to Aguilera, seated nearby.

Christina and her husband, Jordan Bratman, would probably have enjoyed a little more time keeping the information to themselves, especially since Aguilera was, at the time, concluding a tour that had her changing costumes, doing slightly dangerous stunts, and generally living up to the expectations of a pop diva in full bloom.

All’s Well that Ends… Well?
Of course, we now know that Max Liron Bratman entered the world on January 13, 2008, weighing in at just over six pounds and apparently none the worse for his unplanned in utero pre release publicity. Since then, Max (whose name translates as “Greatest Song” in Hebrew) has enjoyed a spiffy, “Where the Wild Things Are” themed first birthday party in his parents’ Beverly Hills backyard, sharing the guest of honor duties with Harlow Madden, daughter of Good Charlotte drummer Joel Madden and his wife, Nicole, who was born just one day after Max.

Since the main character in the Maurice Sendak book that inspired the party was named Max, this was probably judged a swell move by all concerned. Max has also been snapped exiting a limo in the arms of his mom, on their way to a table for two (plus a high chair) at Coco de Mer. So, we probably don’t need to worry too much about his wellbeing, for the present.

Pregnant in the Spotlight
Not that Christina was particularly shy about her pregnancy. Like other famous hotties, including Demi Moore, she posed in her own birthday suit in the later stages of Max’s gestation, apparently making a statement about pride in the fruitful feminine form. Making statements is nothing new for Aguilera, beginning with her early music which, in addition to staking out the standard pop territory of love and relationship angst, has also explored the darker topics of abuse (she has repeatedly stated that her father was physically and verbally abusive and refuses to see him), grief, and loss. But, since Aguilera also espouses female empowerment, maybe her exposure of her mom in the making body makes sense on a number of levels.

Once her pregnancy was known to the world (thanks again, Paris!), it made sense for Christina to embrace it publicly and unabashedly. Which she did. But you have to wonder… what will the baby book pictures look like? And is Max (or Liron, whichever Christina and Jordan are calling their boy) ready to see the potentially graphic evidence of his world debut once he gets old enough to surf the Net without Mom’s help? We shall see.

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