Comedian Jason Schwartzman is taking life a bit more seriously now that a baby is on the way. The star of the HBO series Bored to Death, is looking forward to fatherhood and trying to keep things light, while maintaining a bit of maturity about being a first-time father. He swears the baby will be a huge fan of the hit television series, the Jersey Shore.

All jokes aside, which is hard for Jason Schwartzman, he is thrilled to be a father and even more thrilled he found a woman that loves him enough to start a family. The couple is not going to find out the gender of their baby and try to keep expectation out of the picture. Schwartzman was quoted as saying, “I’m trying to expect nothing,” for PEOPLE magazine. The baby is due in December. Until them, Jason Schwartzman will just have to continue watching Jersey Shore all alone.

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