On the screen, Emily Proctor is the star of CSI: Miami – one of the many popular spin offs of the CSI series. Behind the scenes, the 41 year old actress is thrilled to finally be getting a chance at motherhood. Proctor has been questioned quite frequently about her due date and how many babies she is carrying. There is only one baby and the due date is in December.

Emily Proctor, and boyfriend Paul Bryan are thrilled to be having their first child, but that does not mean the battle to get pregnant didn’t feel a bit off. According to one report, Emily Proctor claimed she felt like a science experiment.

Being pregnant has brought about great things for the TV star. She was recently signed as the new face for Palmer’s skin product line aimed at preventing stretch marks. Along with used the Palmer’s lotion, the star tries to eat healthy and exercise regularly. She has no stretch marks to date, but there are still quite a few months and pounds left to go.

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