Robert Downey Jr. seemed to have everything he could ever want in the world. He’s lived a tumultuous party life, settled down into a happy marriage and resurrected a career that everyone just knew was gone for good. Despite having it all, including an 18-year-old son, Downey has decided it’s time to celebrate his own Due Date. The star recently announced he is expecting his second child. He and his wife of six years are hoping for a daughter.  

Downey Jr. is all full of laughter and jokes, when it comes to having a child, but he is serious about parenthood. Downey Jr. once revealed in an interview that he “missed the train four or five times”, but that the journey seems to be more important than the end goal. According to Downey Jr., reaching for happiness is not what made him happy. It was appreciating life and the journey. 

The couple has revealed a 2012 due date, but they are not sure whether the baby is a girl or a boy. We’re sure he’ll announce the results as soon as they are available and we expect there to be a joke or twenty carrying the news. 

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