With rumors flying that the pregnant Fergie iand her husband josh duhamel are having twins, her new hubby may have more to deal with than he signed up for - at least that is what the media is reporting.

When the pop star Fergie joined Black Eyed Peas, the world was taken aback by the soulful voice of this white pop star. She knew how to groove, she has a great voice and she could dance. Keeping up with the Black Eyed Peas was enough, but keeping up with twins may prove to be even more difficult. With rumors flying that the pregnant Fergie is actually having twins, her new hubby may have more to deal with than he signed up for - at least that is what the media is reporting.

The rumor mill started surrounding Fergie and her new husband right after the wedding. With a solo album released and a bit of time on her hands, there is no better time for Fergie to start a family. But, when asked about the wedding, Fergie was joyful and happy to share, but her new husband was a bit delayed on his chime in about the beauty of the wedding. Is there strife already in the home?

The trouble could have something to do with the baby, or babies, on the way. Even though PR spokespeople surrounding Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel say the couple is not expecting, do they really expect the viewer and fan to believe that. Fergie is a pop music star. Josh Duhamel is a movie star. Why would two stars get married unless they were pregnant? Love? Does love really exist in Hollywood? Or is there something the couple is hiding?

Fergie swears there are no children on the way and the recent photos of her dressed like good old Fergie show she has lost that bit of extra weight she was carrying when her solo album was released. She also has a tour planned with the Black Eyed Peas to promote their new album. According to Fergie, she would not want to put a baby through the stresses of a tour.

This does not mean that babies are out of the question for Fergie and her new husband. But one would wonder why the couple would tie the knot when she is going on tour so very soon? A tour will mean the couple is apart from each other and that can be stressful for a new marriage, let alone a future pregnancy. According to the Duhamel schedule, the Transformers movie is in post production as is When in Rome. There are no movies in the near future for Mr. Fergie, so maybe he is planning on traveling the world with his new bride.

No matter what Fergie and Josh say about not being pregnant, the rumor mill will continue. Hollywood stars do not get married because they love each other; they get married because there is a baby on the way. With a tight, fit body, the pregnancy is just not supported, so why did this couple tie the knot? The world may never know - until they appear on the front of another rag mag that is!

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