Sometimes the stars are in alignment and celebrities get the break they need to start a family, especially Gretchen Mol. That is just the luck ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Gretchen Mol is thankful for this year. Gretchen Mol is pregnant with her second child with director husband Kip Williams. Kip Williams is known as the director of the hugely popular ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ which blasted the box office with stronger numbers than the first ‘Paranormal Activity’.

Gretchen Mol and Kip Williams currently have a three year old, Ptolemy John, together. This pregnancy is bitter sweet on some level for the star. Ina recent interview she reported people being less than thrilled that the baby was number two for the couple. She stated in the interview that people will ask about her due date and whether it is the first child or not with great intrigue and joy. When she tells them it is baby number two, that joy quickly fades. Interesting how Hollywood doesn’t expect couples to stay together long enough to have more than one child together.

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