giuliana-rancic.jpgThere are millions of women who fight infertility every year trying to conceive a child naturally. Most fight the battle personally, with only family and friends knowing the sad details of lost pregnancies and ineffective fertility treatments, but being a celebrity changes things a lot. Guiliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic are trying IVF for the third time and the star is scared her luck will not change.

In the past two IVF attempts, Rancic has conceived but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The star publicly talks about the effect of miscarriage on daily life and how she does not want to stop trying before she’s given it her best shot.

According to one source, Rancic was scared enough to contemplate turning away from the IVF center where she was scheduled to receive treatment, but her husband convinced her that the treatment was worth a try. When Rancic told her husband she wanted to turn around and leave the IVF center, he quickly told her, “The last time we did this, at this stage, you were a lot more uncomfortable. You couldn’t even walk and were in a lot of pain. Now you could run laps. We did it the right way.”

We wish the couple luck this time around.