Is Race Associated with Fertility?

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Guilana Rancic Trying Again for a Biological Child

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Trending: Clinics Financing Fertility Treatments

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Cost Analysis: Tubal Reconstruction vs IVF

The cost analysis compared the cost of tubal reconstruction after tubal ligation and IVF treatments as means of conception and pregnancy. According to the analysis, tubal reconstruction is less costly than IVF treatment. ... read more »

PCOS Increases Risk of Complications During Pregnancy

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, affects up to 15-percent of the female population. Women with the condition tend to have irregular periods, fertility problems, weight gain and excessive facial hair growth. ... read more »

Fertility Treatment May Affect Fetus Size

A new study links fetal birth weight to type of conception. According to the study, infants conceived using fertility treatments are significantly smaller than infants born after natural conception. ... read more »

Fertility May be Linked to Circadian Rhythm

According to a new research study, circadian rhythm may have a lot to do with menstrual and fertility cycles. ... read more »

Endometriosis and Clinical Pregnancy Rates

Endometriosis can make it extremely difficult or impossible to conceive without advanced medical care and fertility treatment. ... read more »

Some Women Seeking Fertility Treatments Too Early

According to research completed by the University of Utah'sDepartment of Family and Preventative Medicine, some women seek out andreceive fertility treatments before such treatment is clinicallyindicated. ... read more »

Prevalence of Clinically Reported Fertility Problems

Infertility is a growing problem in the world. Researchers from the University of Nottingham aimed to find out just how prevalent infertility is based on age, socioeconomic status and geographic area. ... read more »

Patients Reflect on IVF Treatments in Online Forums

Researchers recently published a study in the journal Human Reproduction on how information about IVF treatments is shared. Patients primarily shared information on Internet forums, but not all information was openly shared. ... read more »

Patient-Centered Care in Fertility Clinics

A new study suggests that patient-centered care can improve well-being during fertility treatment. Fertility patients place value on different aspects of care than their doctors. For example, a fertility patient tends to value information, communication, and access to care. ... read more »

New Study: Brain Function and Fertility

A recent study brings scientists a step closer to understanding the critical connection between brain function and fertility. ... read more »

Math Meets Fertility Treatments: New Embryo Selection Tool

Rarely are articles about fertility published in mathematical journals, but researchers from the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia are not interested in the fine lines between math and medical science. ... read more »

The Effect of Cryopreservation on Sperm

The process of cryopreservation allows human sperm carrying DNA to be frozen in time until the sperm is ready for use. Protecting the integrity of sperm and DNA is important to the success of fertility treatments. ... read more »

Commentary Raises Ethical Concerns about Fertility Loans

Some lenders now offer loans to make paying for fertility treatments easier, but a commentary published by The Hastings Center raises ethical concerns about the practice. ... read more »

Actual Costs of Fertility Treatments

Demand for fertility treatments are rising but the cost may deter some couples. Up to 24 percent of couples have trouble conceiving a baby. Rates of infertility, which is a couple's inability to become pregnant after unprotected sex for one year, range anywhere from 6 to 24 percent. ... read more »

How Many Months Can Clomid Be Taken?

How many months can Clomid be taken? Clomid is an oral fertility medication used to induce ovulation in women who have are not ovulating to help them get pregnant. ... read more »

Fertility Treatments Less Effective Over Time

When the same fertility treatment is used for a prolonged period, the effectiveness of the treatment could diminish greatly according to new research published in Fertility and Sterility. ... read more »

How Old is Too Old to Conceive?

This question is more a moral one than a physical one. While the risk of complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are higher in older women, all other pregnancy statistics are relatively the same. ... read more »

What Drugs Are Used for Fertility Treatments?

There are multiple means of conception via fertility treatments. Some women opt to have embryos transferred into the uterus and others choose to have sperm and egg implanted in hopes of a more natural conception. ... read more »

Fertility Treatments May Shorten Fetus

Fertility treatments are the only answer for some couples who want to conceive, but cannot do so naturally. Some couples have luck with medications that promote egg maturation and release while other women need a more advanced intervention like IVF. ... read more »

Why Do Fertility Treatments Include Birth Control?

When it comes to fertility treatments, timing is extremely important. Before the addition of birth control to fertility treatment protocols, women were constantly on the clock. ... read more »

Do Fertility Therapies Cause Autism?

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What Cough Syrup Has To Do with Your Fertility

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