Everyone knows Guy Ritchie as Madonna's ex-husband, but it seems he hasn't dwelled on his past. Ritchie and girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley welcomed a new baby boy to the family on September 5, 2011. The baby boy was born in a London hospital to two thrilled parents. The baby wasn't due for a few days, but an emergency C-section was scheduled due to complications. No details about the complications have been released. 

Ritchie shared the news with ex-wife Madonna, whom he shares a son with (Rocco.) The Material Girl sent the new parents flowers in celebration of the birth. Ritchie is 49 years old and Ainsley just 29, but that isn't new in the world of Hollywood. 

Despite the break-up between Ritchie and Madonna, the couple remains on good terms raising their son Rocco together.

There is no mention of a baby name or future babies for the couple. There is also no information about a possible marriage. Maybe Ritchie learned the first time around, to leave marriage to the common people. 

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