Gwen Stefani Adding More Perfection to the Gene Pool What could possibly be more perfect than a baby created from two of the most beautiful people in the world?

Nothing and that is precisely why Gwen Stefani got pregnant with her second child. The baby’s father is her husband of 7 years, Gavin Rossdale, famous for his singing and acting career. The Bush lead singer is thrilled to have another baby and feels that children, his son in particular, is one of the only things he has ever gotten right in the world today. Gwen Stefani is known as the lead singer of No Doubt. Their first child, Kingston Rossdale, is just two years old and with Gwen Stefani pregnant with the second, baby Kingston is about to get a little competition.

The granddad of the famous little one sings the praises of his grandson as any grandfather should and welcomes the new addition to the Gwen Stefani / Gavin Rossdale family. After the new baby was born, Kuma is the baby’s name, little Kingston immediately felt that he was in store for some tough times. The toddler understands only that his mommy was pregnant and now there is another man in her lap where he used to be. Things were not always so laid back for Gwen Stefani. Not too many years ago, a headline reading Gwen Stefani pregnant would have thrown the singer for a loop because she has always been about her band and her success, but Gavin Rossdale changed all that.

In terms of celebrity dating scenes – however – Gwen Stefani could not have picked a better man to be pregnant with. Her past relationships included Aaron Barrett, musician from Reel Big Fish and Tony Kanal, the bass player for No Doubt. Evidently Gwen Stefani keeps her love in the musical industry and in the same band for that matter. Before being pregnant with her little babies, Gwen Stefani attended high school like every other young girl and even went to college at the California State University – Fullerton. Aside from that – Gwen Stefani being pregnant is the only thing that has gotten this star in the spotlight. She is known, however, for her fashion sense and that includes both on the stage and off. What Does the Future Hold for Gwen Stefani – More Pregnancies?

It is doubtful that Gwen Stefani will be pregnant again after this baby. At the age of 39, she is reaching that age when she will want to stop having babies in order to enjoy raising her children while young. But, this is just a guess as more and more Hollywood stars are having babies well past their 40th birthdays. If there is one thing that is certain in the Gwen Stefani / Gavin Rossdale household – it is normalcy. Thus, you may have seen the last Rossdale baby born to this celebrity couple that defies all the odds of stardom and lives a settled life with family close by and friends like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

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