If there is one celebrity that broke hearts when she announced she was pregnant it was Halle Berry. Halle Berry has been known by millions of men as the world's sexiest woman for quite a while and the thought of that perfect woman giving birth to a child later in life was heart breaking. Halle Berry became pregnant when she was 41 years old. This is becoming more common in the Hollywood scene because so many actresses are starting and maintaining a successful career in their early years, that motherhood somehow eludes them or feels as if it would burden their progress in the world of acting.

The father of the Halle Berry pregnancy was Gabriel Aubry. Needless to say, the men of the world were even more heart broken when he was photographed for the first time with Halle Berry and they all realized the type of man she was really looking for in life. Aubry is 32 years old and a model, but what more could you expect from the world's sexiest woman turned the world's sexiest mommy. Unlike many of her acting and singing peers,

Halle Berry did not carry a twin pregnancy. Rather - the pregnancy was a singlet and recent photos of the baby are just as precious as everyone thought they would be coming from two beautiful people. The Halle Berry pregnancy went off without any hitches and Berry remained beautiful from conception to birth – imagine that in Hollywood.

Halle Berry was not always a sexual icon but she always wanted to be pregnant and have a baby, but first the career needed to blossom. She started acting in the 1980s and starred in her first role on the TV show Chicago Force. She continued acting and later starred in Knots Landing and Living Dolls. Taking her career in another direction, Halle Berry was cast as the leading lady in R. Kelly's video for Honey Love. As the years rolled on, Halle Berry and the word pregnant was never uttered in the same sentence.

This beauty had yet to break out of her shell and was still considered a more common looking woman. She played small role after small role and took the time to learn the craft of acting before hitting it big at the box office. The real boomer that pushed Halle Berry's career through the roof was the film X-Men. Cast as Storm, this actress played the role that cult lovers wanted and the popularity began. From there, a string of successes made Halle Berry more renowned than ever and becoming pregnant was a major goal in her life.

But, how do you find just the right man who would look past her success and that looked good enough to become pregnant with. Halle Berry became pregnant with Gabriel Aubry's baby and the rest is history. What many people are asking today is - will Halle Berry follow in the footsteps of her peer, Angelina Jolie, and have multiple pregnancies before settling down into motherhood?

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