The world was hugely surprised when Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, announced he was engaged to Lisa Stelly. Stelly is a small-time model and actress still trying to make her big debut in Hollywood, but she's hot and that's perfect for the paparazzi. Now, just a short while after announcing the engagement, Osbourne admits he is also boarding the baby train. That's right, Lisa Stelly is pregnant and Ozzy's going to be a grandfather – again. This is the first grandchild for Sharon Osbourne and she is thrilled with the thought of having someone to hold, cuddle with and buy things for.

Jack started out as a wild child, but after spending a few years on the Osbourne show he decided to eat right, lose weight and get his life on track, but is marriage and fatherhood the best, next step? We think the couple found out they were pregnant and then decided to get married. It wouldn't be the first time, but it could be a recipe for disaster and divorce. We'll keep our eye on the happy couple for a while to see whether or not this love was meant to be or if Jack is really riding the Crazy Train!

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