This is not the first time that Janet Jackson has been in the middle of a pregnancy scandal.

If there is one family that has been in the spotlight for their entire life, it is the Jackson family. The most famous of all the Jackson’s are Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. The world loved Michael for a time – but with weird allegations and crazy choices, that love soon waned. Janet Jackson, however, has managed to live her life with a separate set of rules. The star has managed to keep marriages and life decisions quiet for years, what is making the tabloids think they are the first ones that are going to report Janet Jackson is pregnant now?

At the heart of the rumors is a cancelled set of tour dates and a rush visit to the hospital. One morning – in the middle of a sound check – Janet Jackson was rushed to the hospital. There was very little information released about why the star was taken to the hospital or if she was okay. But, when future concert tour dates were cancelled, the tabloids had the answer on lock down. Janet Jackson was pregnant with Jermaine Dupree’s baby and that was where the trouble with her health started.

The tabloids went so far as to report that Janet Jackson admitted to being pregnant and Life and Style Magazine ran the story on the front page of their magazine on every checkout stand in America. Immediately after the publication – Jermaine Dupree was out to set the record straight and tell the world that – in fact – Janet Jackson was not pregnant.

This is not the first time that Janet Jackson has been in the middle of a pregnancy scandal. Recently, a brother to her former husband, James DeBarge, released the information that Janet Jackson had, in fact, been pregnant once before. Eighteen years before. The brother said there was a daughter by the name of Renee that was born in 1987. The daughter would now be 18 years of age and living with Janet Jackson’s sister. Those rumors were also put to rest by Janet Jackson with some people noting the DeBarge brother wanted to boost the sales of his upcoming album and so he released this harsh rumor.

At the age of 42, the biological clock is ticking for Janet Jackson. She is not getting any older and with the long term relationship being strong between her and Jermaine Dupree, now is the time to have a pregnancy if she wants to be a mother. There are a few people out there in the blogosphere that claim she just is not the type to have children after the horrid stories that came out of the Jackson household. But, those are not the words of Janet herself. Today, there are actually very few interviews available with Janet Jackson and therefore no one really knows whether or not Janet Jackson wants to be pregnant or not. Time and the baby bump will be the only tell tale signs of pregnancy. But, with a secretive past, there may be a baby before there is a baby bump.

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