The new rumor online is that Jennifer Hudson, of American Idol fame, is pregnant with her boyfriend - James Peyton's baby. The rumors are yet unsubstantiated, but there is a baby bump being passed around the Internet to support the rumors. Is it really a Jennifer Hudson pregnancy bump, or is she just happy with her plus size status? The star has been known to fluctuate in weight from a size 14 up and down. This baby bump may just be an upswing on the scale caught on camera.

In Hollywood, the norm is skinny, skinny, skinny - so when a new start emerges with a tummy there is immediate news that the star is pregnant. The same goes for Jennifer Hudson. She donned a black dress at the NAACP awards and the dress clearly showed a tummy. But who is to say that the tummy is related to a pregnancy? The media - that's who. On any given day – there are rumors circling the web about who is pregnant and who is hiding something and this time it is Jennifer Hudson’s turn.

The pregnancy rumors are also bleeding into marriage rumors. Jennifer Hudson has been dating James Peyton for several years now and with the fame associated with stardom - it would be hard to hide a marriage. However, crazier things have happened. If Jennifer Hudson is pregnant or married (or both) - there is a congratulations in order especially after having such a tough year so far with the death of her mother and brother at the hands of a family member.

Jennifer Hudson found fame as a contestant on American Idol. While the star did not win the competition, she went on to star in a hit movie and win an Oscar for best supporting actress. From there, Jennifer Hudson was on cloud nine with little thought about negativity and the impending doom she would soon face. Her songs were hits, her life was filled with movie offers and life was turning out to be better than ever thanks to the spot she secured on the American Idol stage.

In October of 2008, Jennifer Hudson was not in the media for a pregnancy rumor - but rather for her connection with family members that were found dead. The deaths were later ruled a homicide and the world took Jennifer Hudson under their wing and sent out condolences for her loss. The family members were found dead in Chicago and included her mother and her brother. The deaths were linked to another family member who was later charged for the murders.

Despite the horrific events, Jennifer Hudson is strong and she persevered through the events coming out on top like a true diva. Just a few short months after the deaths, the star is now in the pregnancy spotlight and the only thing fans can do is wait around to see if the baby bump grows or Jennifer Hudson admits publically to the pregnancy.

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