The Fly Girl that once danced the stages of the show, In Living Color, is no longer dancing around with skimpy clothes. This 39 year old singer / actress is married to the man of her dreams, after a few tries, and has a set of twins to round out the picture. But, there has been only one pregnancy and as women sometimes understand, pregnancy is the best part and that means Jennifer Lopez will no doubt try again for more Marc Anthony babies. Where to Begin With Jennifer Lopez?

This woman has seen the world and lived on every continent. For all sakes and purposes, the world swore she was going to have a baby with Ben Affleck, one of her earlier boyfriends. They were so happy looking together and it seemed like fate had finally brought her real love. But, the same can be said for her long list of other boyfriends including ex-husband Ojani Noa, ex-husband Cris Judd, David Cruz, Joaquin Cortez, Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck and finally husband Marc Anthony.

The relationship with Marc Anthony was surrounded by turmoil from the start. He was expecting a baby with his current wife, who he left to be with Jennifer Lopez. They divorced and he married Jennifer Lopez and they tried to start a family. After many troubles, the couple had in vitro fertilization and the rest is baby history. Now, just a short while after the twins, Jennifer Lopez understands what motherhood is all about and believes she would like to be pregnant again. Will it be twins a second time? While twins are rare, in the case of another in vitro Jennifer Lopez pregnancy, there is a greater chance of having a second set of twins. She conceived twins the first time and that means the second time she will be looking for two on the screen instead of one again. According to sources, her doctor said she needed to wait for about six months before trying her hand at another pregnancy.

The twins were born in February of 2008 so, Jennifer Lopez is in the clear for another pregnancy already. But, how long will the couple try before hitting the in vitro again, no doubt a bit longer because they have more patience thanks to the twins in the house. The Past, Present and Future Jennifer Lopez is more than an actress and a singer. She is a successful woman who has fought through the stereotypes of Latin celebrities and come out on top with the best of the best. Even with the horrid Gigli film under her belt, she is still the highest paid Latina actress in the world and her focus on life and the things that are important have changed from being Jenny on the Block to being Mommy at home. Jennifer Lopez is 39, that means the baby clock is ticking and the fertility is already waning. The time has come for the announcement that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant again.

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