When she married Cash Warren, the world stood still, or at least the men of the world. The tabloids took to searching out the fateful time when Jessica Alba would be pregnant and they did not have long to wait. She was pregnant soon after the marriage and the baby bump was all over the media. There were pictures of Jessica Alba in a bathing suit with a huge tummy and pictures of her shopping with baby bump in tow. Everyone who wanted to see this beautiful woman with child were given that opportunity and those who did not care to see the pictures still had to deal with them on the front page of nearly every rag mag at the checkout grocery stands.
The pregnancy was flawless, but the aftermath of the baby weight on Jessica Alba's body was more than the once svelte actress could handle. According to reports, she headed out to the gym as soon as she was able and started to work out in hopes of getting back that before pregnancy body. The hours in the gym were long and the tears flowed as she tired quickly.
As any new mom will tell you, the female body does not recover as quickly for some as for others but that was not something Jessica Alba was going to deal with. Instead of working her tail and tummy off at the gym, she resorted to wearing a girdle. Yes, the same girdle women used to wear in the 1950s to keep in that baby tummy is the one Jessica Alba touted under those slinky dresses.
Why such the trouble to lose the pregnant weight for Jessica Alba? Well, when you are a hottie for so long, it must be hard to live with a body that is not so hard anymore. As a matter of fact, her age may have something to do with the trouble. In a world where stars are having babies later and later in life, Jessica Alba was pregnant in her mid 20s. This is unheard of in Hollywood and for good reason it seems. The star has always been known as the person in the movie with the body to keep the fans coming even if the flic was not the best in the theaters. Now, she was dealing with the reality that her hottie days may be over and she wanted immediate satisfaction.
Other stars noted the change when Jessica Alba appeared only a few weeks after the birth of her daughter, Honor, looking just as thin as before the pregnancy. Mel B - another Hollywood mom, noted that she felt Jessica Alba was too thin and that she needed to worry less about her body and more about the thrills of being a mom. When Jessica Alba admitted to wearing a girdle after the birth of her baby, doubt started that there would be any more babies for this famous couple.
With tears in her eyes, the Jessica Alba that left the gym after hours of working out is the same Jessica Alba that no longer works out. She now eats right and feels that she is a mom and not necessarily only available for one role in Hollywood. She is venturing out into new roles - ones that are more accepting of the new body she has and the six pack that she left behind.

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