American Idol Produces American Reject Jessica Sierra, at the ripe old age of 19, was cast on the mega popular TV reality series, American Idol. This show has found fame for many singers who would otherwise have lost their way in a world of me, me, me. Jessica Sierra, however, despite losing on the show, managed to find fame of a totally new sort. The new fame involves, drugs, alcohol, sex tapes and jail time. There is nothing more Hollywood than an Idol turned bad. During her American Idol interview, the young Jessica Sierra, was thrilled to thank God and her grandmother for seeing her through the death of her mother and the trials so far in the competition. She said that she wanted to be a dancer as well as a singer and that she was honored to have come this far in a competition she never thought she would be able to experience. She even stated that if American Idol were to not work out for her, she would keep trying and follow the roads of life to wherever they may take her.

I bet she was not thinking the jail cell was where she would end up. Jessica Sierra was arrested on charge of cocaine possession and assault. At the time of the arrest, Jessica Sierra was only 22 years of age. A far cry from the former American Idol contestant with only three years between hope and drugs. She then managed to assault an officer and suggest she would perform lude acts if he let her go, which he did not. This did not sit well with the Florida police department and she was thrown in the slammer. While in jail, awaiting trial, the star tested positive for pregnancy. Pregnancy and cocaine - that is not an idol style combination.

To make matters even more interesting the pregnant Jessica Sierra is the star in a Vivid Productions X-rated film, Jessica Sierra Superstar which Vivid released despite the pregnancy drama. It seems that this American Idol contestant did not take the stardom associated with the television show down the right path at all. The father of the baby was rumored to be a "rap" star but a name was never released. While in jail, Jessica Sierra suffered from pregnancy complications with reported heavy bleeding. She was rushed to the nearby hospital and the gossip blogs reported she was doing fine. However, not too long after the all clear sign was lifted, reports were surfacing that Jessica Sierra was no longer pregnant. Sources here and sources there were giving bits and pieces of information about the ended pregnancy, but none offered a true or real reason to believe the star was no longer pregnant. In regards to the jail time, Jessica Sierra was sent to the Dr Drew clinic as a part of a star / reality recovery process. The star does not appear to be pregnant on the show so the rumors - no matter how vague they may be - must be true.

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