Jewel Kilcher, who rose to fame in the ’90s with her acoustic guitar and angelic voice, has returned to the scene as a children’s singer-songwriter. The birth of Jewel and husband Ty Murray’s son Kase may have had a little something to do with that.

On November 27, Jewel, 37, shared a Thanksgiving shot of her little guy, now 4 months old and counting. “He is the happiest baby!” she tweeted. The singer keeps fans frequently updated through her Twitter feed and website, where she shares photos of her adorable son and vlogs (video-blogs) of her goings-on.

Jewel is also joining together with Hallmark to bring holiday planning help to other moms. Jewel loves the holidays but now knows that they can put lots of stress on mothers. “The holidays are such a special time of year, but if you’re like me, they can also be a bit stressful in gearing up to decorate my home, entertain friends, and prepare holiday meals. And as a new mom, I’ve got even more to juggle this year. That’s why I was excited to partner with Hallmark on their Holiday ‘Ideas and Inspiration’ Program to give busy moms some fun and easy tips for preparing for the holidays.” Jewel tells OK! that the point of the program is to turn “holiday ‘chores’ into fun ‘together-time’ activities for families, and that it’s not about being perfect. In fact,” Jewel says, “It’s those perfectly imperfect moments that tend to stand out in our memories and make the holidays meaningful.”

When she’s not busy with holiday preparations, Jewel is still going gaga over the little man in her life. “He is great!” she told OK! “He really has been an easy baby and no trouble at all – we feel like we hit the baby lotto.” The star also remarked at how easy it has been for her to settle down into motherhood, a stark contrast to her previous life as a traveling musician. “I have traveled and worked since I was a child, and this is the most I have been in one place ever ― but I love it! We just sit around and stare at the baby all day — I don’t know what I did for entertainment before!”

We couldn’t be happier for Jewel, and can’t wait to see what holiday ideas she and Hallmark come up with!

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