She seems to be an honest and earnest person that loves life and lives for the smiles she brings to others. Even when Julia Roberts is crying in a movie, everyone loves to watch the realistic tears and imagine themselves in just that position. This talent to make people feel as though you are real in Hollywood is better than any acting talent. Julia Roberts is a superstar and she is not getting any younger.

The aging Hollywood is starting to settle down and make way for the younger generation of stars. The ladies, especially those who have concentrated on their careers for so many years, are trying to become moms and the effect is a startling boost in twin pregnancies. Julia Roberts is one of those ladies. Julia Roberts is one of those people who did not come to Hollywood with a silver spoon in her mouth. As a matter of fact, recent reports are swirling that files found state that Julia Roberts was too “trailer park” to cast in an audition part when she first came to Hollywood. HA! Bet they are kicking themselves for that statement. Despite the setbacks and hard losses, Roberts managed to start an acting career and never looked back.

The superstar is a sure hit every time she visits the box office, but there was something missing from her life and she found that when she married and become pregnant – WITH TWINS! The pregnancy we well and the star showed up with sagging skin on an awards show not too long after the birth. But, at 38, the star was not getting any younger so Julia Roberts became pregnant again only a short while after the birth of the twins. The third baby was born healthy and strong – I bet mom was happy to only carry one the second time around.

Today, Julia Roberts is in the news here and there. She generally stays under the radar, but there are reports that Julia Roberts wants to be pregnant again. Supposedly, a fourth child is in the works which could be a fifth child too according to the past Julia Roberts’ pregnancies. Despite being pregnant, Julia Roberts has never stopped working.

According to her release list, the star worked on Ocean’s Twelve when she was pregnant with the twins in 2004, The Ant Bully in 2006, Charlotte’s Web in 2006, Charlie Wilson’s War in 2007, Fireflies in the Garden in 2008, Duplicity in 2009, The Friday Night Knitting Club announced for 2010 and several others on the chopping block for the future. There is one thing for certain about Julia Roberts – she managed to fight her way into Hollywood success, find a husband that loves her, give birth to three children without drama and work constantly without ever really making a fuss. This woman has to be the role model for future Hollywood stars and celebutantes as the best way to live.

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