When it comes to pregnancy in Hollywood, the stars cannot just hold a press conference and tell people they are trying to have a baby, they have to keep the media in check until they are far enough along to keep them asking questions until the baby is born. Have you ever thought about celebrity pregnancies in that way? With Katie Holmes, the thought of another pregnancy is surely on her mind. She is young, she is married to the man of her dreams and she is rich, what more could a star ask for? Well, maybe a bit more press. The rumors moving about are all based on one photo. The photo was taken outside of a restaurant. The couple emerged looking at each other with love bitten eyes and Tom Cruise placed his hand on Katie Holmes’ belly.

That’s IT! She is pregnant. Maybe people who practice Scientology can conceive without sex? Maybe he has the TOUCH that can make a baby! The real truth is that they are happy together, they have a happy family and a beautiful daughter. They may be trying to have a baby and Katie Holmes may be pregnant, but no one is going to know until the superstar couple offers that information. Only in Hollywood style can one tabloid report Katie Holmes Pregnant Again and in another report Katie Holmes TOO Skinny. Really? What happened to the baby? Katie Holmes undoubtedly wore the slim dress to the premiere of Valkyrie just to tell the world, “Hey I, Katie Holmes, am not pregnant and look, I am skinny!”

The star normally wears conservative suits and dresses, but managed to shock the world with her slim style at the premiere. Why the Attention and Why the Hype? There is one thing that is weird about the whole Katie Holmes pregnancy scandal. The star is 30 years old and her husband is 47 years old. Their first child, Suri, will graduate high school when Tom is in his 60s and having another child could push that into the 70s. But, this is Hollywood right? Something the tabloids have not reported on is the ironic nature of Tom Cruise having so many children. In an attempt to cover the Katie Holmes is Pregnant Again story, someone missed the fact that Cruise was once a student at a Franciscan Seminary.

Other cool facts about Tom Cruise that have nothing to do with any Katie Holmes pregnancy include his birth name of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, he was a high school dropout, he was married to Mimi Rogers, also an actress and he never had one biological child with wife Nicole Kidman though she now has biological children with her new Country Singing (Australian) husband. There is little doubt that Katie Holmes will be pregnant again. Is she pregnant now, the reliable sources say no, but in Hollywood, even a reliable source is a source that cannot be trusted. Stay tuned to the tabloids for future Katie Holmes Pregnancy updates!

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