In Hollywood, starting a family young seems very passé. Couples wait until they near or reach their 40s before settling down with a child or two.

For Kelly Preston and John Travolta, age is nothing but a number. The couple is still recovering from the unexpected death of their oldest son and now a new addition to the family is expected.

John Travolta is 56 years old, surely a bit older than most new dads. But it is his wife Kelly Preston that breaks the boundaries of age. Kelly is 48 years old and expecting a new baby. While age may be just a number, Travolta will be 74 years old when baby Ben, as they have named their son, graduates high school and over the age of 90 when their grandchild would graduate high school. Preston is just eight years younger. The couple’s pregnancy was a shock to many as it was announced soon after Jett Travolta’s death.

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