For English singer Lily Allen, public attention and ridicule are something she can handle, but the loss of a second child is a constantly looming fear. The English singing star first became pregnant in December of 2007 with then boyfriend Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. In January 2008, the couple announced the pregnancy had ended in miscarriage. After stepping out of the spotlight, Lily Allen started dating a building company owner. The couple later announced they were expecting a child. For Lily Allen, whose pregnancy has been extremely difficult, the thought of another miscarriage is always on her mind.

A recent photo of the singing star was taken on the red carpet of the Givenchy Ready to Wear Spring / Summer 2011 show in Paris. The star was clearly donning a baby bump, despite the careful use of clothing to cover the bump. Lily Allen was quoted as saying, “I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant.”

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