With one son and three daughters, some would say LL Cool J has the perfect family, but it just isn’t enough for the infamous rap star and successful actor.

Just because LL Cool J wants to have more does not mean the “shop” is open for business. When asked about his future family plans, LL Cool J was quoted as saying, “Not right now, she [wife] closed up shop.” He went on to reveal that he wants to have more children and would “love to keep the store open” for business.

At the age of 42, there is nothing crazy about LL Cool J wanting to have more children, but the same cannot be said for his wife. The children at home range in age from 21 to 10, which means all the little ones are out of the house in school. Wife Simone is just a few years younger at 40. This is also a common age to have children in Hollywood, but not for everyone.

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