When Mario Lopez was the star of Saved by the Bell, he was the hottest boy on television. For quite a few years, he skimmed under the radar until finally re-emerging as hot once again, but this time he was grown.

Mario Lopez has one baby with current girlfriend Courtney Mazza. Baby, born in September 2010, could be the first in a long line of Mazza-Lopez babies.

According to one interview, Mario Lopez wants to have three or four children. Some fans are not so supportive of the new Mario Lopez. The star was married to actress Ali Landry for just two weeks before the marriage was annulled. The reason for the withdrawal of marriage was cheating. Mario Lopez was found to be cheating the night before the wedding and for some time before that as well. Now that he is grown and a dad, maybe those cheating urges will be replaced with smiles, hugs and kisses from the Lopez clan.  

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