At the young age of 32, Melissa Joan Hart undertook her second pregnancy like a trooper.

At the young age of 32, Melissa Joan Hart undertook her second pregnancy like a trooper. Just 17 months after the birth of her first child, Melissa Joan Hart was hitting the tabloid covers with a pregnant tummy and a smile on her face. There is reason to believe that Melissa Joan Hart is not necessarily on the cover of the tabloids because of her pregnancies, but rather as a reason to post pictures of her hot husband. Mark Wilkerson offers a bit of a geeky hotness and that is what Hollywoodloves to portray.

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband married in 2003 in Italy. They have been happy and pregnant for the last few years non-stop it seems. The couple gave birth to their first child just two years before giving birth to her second, was a little taken aback by how fast the pregnancies came along.  She and hubby had planned to have their second child when their son turned three. They wanted him to have a bit of self-control before they brought another baby home. Well, mother nature gave Melissa Joan Hart a pregnancy a bit early. The second child was born without problems and the couple took baby home only to disappear from the spotlight for a while.

Melissa Joan Hart is known for child acting primarily. She was Sabrina the Teenage Witch for many years but also starred in Clarissa Explains it All (Nickelodeon). Between acting in Clarissa and Sabrina – the star attended college. When she was called upon to star in the Sabrina movie that later turned into a television show, she dropped out of college and headed back to the studio. Much of the acting career of Melissa Joan Hart was centered on child television. But, there were a few adult parts in the mix from time to time. Melissa Joan Hart starred in Law and Order as a guest star on one episode and also filmed movies for Lifetime.

The future for Melissa Joan Hart and hubby are bright. The couple has been together and out of the media spotlight – save the pregnancy rumors – for years now. With the huge pregnancy boom inHollywoodright now, there are two ways that Melissa Joan Hart can go. Either she can get pregnant and join the ranks of the Hollywoodmoms to be once again, or she can take the chance given by so manyHollywoodwomen being pregnant to try and land a big movie deal. For the young Melissa Joan Hart – her first child could be 16 years old or more before she decides to get pregnant again. Realistically, inHollywood, having two babies before the 40th birthday is a rarity in itself.

As of late – there has been a bit of a boom for Melissa Joan Hart making the pregnancy talk wane just a bit. She starred in Satin and Whispers and Lies (2008), Nine Dead and Your Presents Requested (2009) and will star in Holidayin Handcuffs (2010).

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