Former heavyweight champion of the world, boxing star Mike Tyson was not happy with seven children, so number eight is on the way. Mike Tyson is married to Lakiha Spicer and the couple has one child together already.

In an interview with The View, Mike Tyson claimed to have a new outlook on life despite admitting to being destitute and broke. Just last year, Tyson lost his four-year-old daughter Exodus Tyson in a tragic accident. The child strangled herself with a treadmill cord. His marriage to Spicer, the third for Tyson, was held in Las Vegas, NV just 10 days later.

Mike Tyson is no longer a successful boxer and the stars roller coaster lifestyle has left him without many supporters in Hollywood. Aside from a few, brief roles in this movie or that television show, Tyson does not seem to have much going for him in terms of work. A documentary released in 2008 is the latest fans have seen of the new, vegan, broke Mike Tyson.

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