Orlando Bloom was once considered one of the sexiest bachelors alive. Miranda Kerr changed that very quick by marrying the sexy superstar and now by having a child with her new husband. Miranda Kerr, wife of Orlando Bloom, was recently photographed on the red carpet for the Scent of the Future party in Milan. She posed for photographers to take side pictures and a small baby bump was noticed.

Miranda Kerr is more than just a pretty face on Orlando Bloom’s arm. As a former Victoria’s Secret Model, most of the world has seen this beauty in her skivvys. Despite the fact that a Kerr is more than four months pregnant, the baby bump is still quite small.

The couple was engaged in June and married in July. If Miranda Kerr is four months pregnant, that means baby was on the way when the nuptials were taken. Naughty naughty Orlando Bloom – maybe he learned too much from Captain Jack Sparrow.

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