Mike Huckabee held nothing back when attacking Natalie Portman for celebrating her recent pregnancy. In her acceptance speech at the Oscars, Portman thanked her fiancé for giving her the biggest role of her life, motherhood. Huckabee, led on by radio personality Michael Medved, claimed stars like Natalie Portman are glamorizing a life of motherhood out of wedlock. Huckabee claims everyday mothers do not have access to nannies and caretakers, nor do they have millions of dollars in the bank to care for a child if a relationship turns sour. 

This is the first child for Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied. Millepied was the choreographer for The Black Swan. Portman starred in the movie as a ballet dancer. The star spent plenty of long hours with Millepied during shooting, which is a common starting point for Hollywood romance. It took one year of training for Portman to learn ballet. During that time, she dieted and practiced up to eight hours every day. Her diet nixed all carbohydrates in an effort to slim down to ballet size, but after shooting ended, she headed out for bread, pasta and pizza, according to sources. Soon after, the couple was engaged and the pregnancy was announced. 

Natalie Portman has not released an official statement regarding the slam by Mike Huckabee. The couple is due in 2011. Before announcing she was pregnant, Portman starred in a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher titled No Strings Attached. The movie is based on a successful woman who wants an intimate relationship without the relationship part. 

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