She was touring the country with BFF Paris Hilton for a while acting as lost as any person in the world and then the two broke it off. The celebrity magazines went through a bit of withdrawal until the star appeared to lose too much weight and then she was back on the cover for being too thin with many people believing she was anorexic. Somewhere, in the limelight, Nicole Ritchie met the lead singer of Good Charlotte and the rest is history. Taking a step back for a minute, Nicole Ritchie is one of those people who started out life in a turmoil and just continued down that road. She was adopted by megastar, Lionel Ritchie and raised as if she were his own daughter. 

The star took that life to heart but stayed out of the lime light until she met Paris Hilton – bad influence? Nicole Ritchie has no career, there are no movies and no clothing lines to speak of. She is famous because of Lionel Ritchie, her dad. Hum?! Back to the Nicole Ritchie rocking pregnancy. When the couple announced they were pregnant, for the first time in a long time, Hollywood was more worried about the health of a star and a baby than getting those pictures on the cover. Nicole Ritchie was underweight – very underweight – and that can be harmful to both baby and mother during a pregnancy. Despite the rumors, the “star” managed to make it through the pregnancy with healthy baby in hand and is back to being thin again. What is the New Story?

Well, as if Hollywood could just leave the new couple with the new baby alone. Recently, Joel Madden and Nicole Ritchie were spotted out shopping for a bigger home. The tabloids took this information and ran with a “Nicole Ritchie Pregnant Again!” story line. Some bloggers went so far as to note the way Joel Madden was dressed as a reason to think Nicole Ritchie is pregnant again. Maybe she is just comfortable wearing flat boots and big tops. Maybe she is a mom that was running late for an appointment. Who knows? How Far Does Hollywood Reach?

When the world found out that Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden were pregnant, it was not just the United States that took the story and ran. French tabloids and Spanish tabloids also ran the story. The Internet was buzzing all over the world and while Joel Madden is a star in his own right, Good Charlotte is a strong rock band, Nicole Ritchie still can only claim “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton as her paying job – or so I thought. It seems the dumb acting Nicole Ritchie is just an act. The star can play several instruments, has written a fiction book, is designing a jewelry line for moms and kids and was a member of a band. Why are these not the things being reported instead of another headline reading, “Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden Pregnant Again!”?

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