The successful boxing star, Laila Ali is expecting another baby. Laila Ali is the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Laila Ali is married to former NFL wide receiver Curtis Conway.

In his 12 years in the NFL, Curtis Conway played for the Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers. After the NFL, Curtis Conway took a job as a color analyst Compass Media Networks.  Conway has three children outside of his marriage to Laila Ali.

Laila Ali was born into boxing so becoming a boxer was inevitable. Due to female boxing being a skimpy sport with few real competitors, Laila Ali only competed in 24 bouts. Her record, before retiring to home life and pregnancy, was 24 wins, 21 knockouts and 3 decisions.  The first child of the Laila Ali and Curtis Conway marriage was born in 2008. This is the second marriage for pregnant Laila Ali who was married to Johnny “Yahya” McClain in 2000. The couple was married for five years and had no children.

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