As of late, the Hollywood scene has been the place where twins are happening. From Julia Roberts to Jennifer Lopez, the celebrity woman is popping out twins as quickly and easily as the rest of the known world pops out their gum onto the ground. These celebs are famous for doing everything big, but until now that was reserved for acting, singing and getting arrested. Paris Hilton, the heir to the Hilton thrown, is the next big celebrity to want a new baby. Will it be twins this time too?

According to Paris Hilton, there is a pregnancy in her future - very near future now. Paris Hilton is currently dating Benji Madden, a rocker, much like her BFF Nicole Richie. There is something about celebrity best friends that keeps them close and having a baby will only be another chapter in that ongoing socialite calendar. When Nicole Richie gave birth, it shook Paris Hilton to the core and she instantly wanted to be a mother. Maybe the two are not that far linked, but reports have Paris Hilton stating that a pregnancy is something she wants in 2009. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is 2009 and the rumor mill is crawling over every fashion ensemble looking for a baby bump.

When Paris Hilton goes out in public, there is a camera waiting to shoot a few photos of the belly. Soon, no one will remember what her face looks like, only the waistline of her dress. Would Paris Hilton make a bad mommy? The resounding answer to that is NO. Despite the silly girl act, Paris Hilton has managed to earn and secure her own money. She does not need the family fortune to be successful and she is a diehard businesswoman if ever there was one. She has many business ventures that keep the money flowing and has covered nearly every genre of the acting and musical world as she pleases. Just because she is a bit off and acts like there are no brain cells in her head does not make her baby mommy material.

The funniest part of the entire ordeal is the boyfriend she has chosen to sire her new pregnancy. Remember her buddy, Nicole Richie? Well, Nicole is dating Joel Madden and Paris is dating Benji Madden. The two rockers are identical twin brothers. If that did not throw the media for a loop every time they step out in public. If Paris Hilton were to get pregnant, the baby she gave birth to would be related, by blood, to Nicole Richie’s baby. Now that is BFF. In the back of everyone’s mind is the question, will the babies look alike and what happens to the BFF pact when the two are living as mothers in a world of social status? Life as a celebutante is the hardest part of Hollywood to master and Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have managed to master that and possibly motherhood too.